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Financially Induced Terminations

As a Mum, I know just how important children are to most women.

Rightly or wrongly, there are still many of us who see being a mother as being the most important part of our lives.

Very, very, sad then to read that a significant number of pregnancies last year were terminated by women in their 30's who quoted economic reasons for their decision.

That confirms two things for me.

Firstly, women are suffering more than men in the current economic downturn. There is no comparable decision a man ever has to take and therefore no sacrifice so great.

Secondly, in this day and age, there is normally no excuse for women to get pregnant if they can't afford the baby. Of course, financial circumstances can change but, in the main, a little foresight would lead to fewer "unaffordable" pregnancies.

Women in their 30's do not have the excuse of young girls, who can rightfully claim that inexperience lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Adults need to do better in planning their lives, including parenthood.

The good news, by the way, is that terminations by teenage girls last year were down in number.

Maybe youngsters are getting smarter after all!

Tuesday, 12th June 2012

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