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Valentine‚??s Day on a ¬£20 budget
Valentine‚??s Day on a ¬£20 budget
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Valentine’s Day on a £20 budget

Do you ‘do’ Valentine’s Day? I can’t say I’m a huge fan, although that’s not to say that I didn’t spend my teenage years wondering if I’d ever receive a card from a ‘mystery admirer’. I did once. It smelled of Brut aftershave. Kind of put me off the whole thing really.

For the same reasons that I’m not a fan of the concept of ‘date night’, the whole Valentine’s extravanganza also leaves me a little cold. It’s the idea of prescribed romance. The notion that no one is creative enough to express love at any other point than the one capitalised on by the greeting card industry.

And then there’s the merchandise. Our shop fronts are suddenly full of fluffy teddies bearing love hearts, ‘sexy’ lingerie littered with innuendo, and a million other ways to shoehorn ‘I love you’ onto something that cost 2p to produce and is being sold at ‘the bargain price’ of £29.99.

Can you tell I’m a little humbug about the whole thing? Don’t mistake it for bitterness. It’s not that I’m not romantic. It’s just that I don’t need a reason. Okay, maybe it’s bitterness…..

Moving swiftly on. If you are a Valentine’s lover then you’ll maybe be looking for ideas for how to celebrate on a budget. Here’s my guide to the most frugal Valentine’s Day on the high street:

The Card – If you’re not crafty and have no time to make your own, why not download a Tesco Value Valentine Card* – yes really.

The Flowers – Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to take out a second mortgage to buy the right kind of flowers. With these from Lidl you can probably scrape together enough cash from the shrapnel in your pocket.

The Food – We all know that nights in are the new nights out, and if you’ve got children then the cost of paying a babysitter, coupled with the uplift that restaurants put on Valentine’s Day meals means that eating in is where it’s at. Frugal fans of M&S and Waitrose meals for £20 will be happy to know that you can save a whole ten pounds by going to Asda.

The Entertainment – So, by my reckoning you’ve spent £12.99 at this point. That doesn’t leave a great deal for entertainment but all is not lost. We’re obviously talking a DVD and a snuggle on the sofa here aren’t we? Have a chat with your friends and swap your faves. MEN – Chick flicks are the way forward here – 17 Again, Say Anything, The Notebook, An Officer and a Gentleman, you get the picture. That leaves a whole £7.01 for ‘snacks’.

Who said romance is dead?

*This is a spoof – but you knew that, right?



Friday, 10th February 2012

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