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Charity shop fashion finds

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for waiting for this blog. As you can tell, I've changed the format of my blog from video to text and I'd love to hear what you all think so comment below with any feedback!

Anyway, onto the January theme! This month, I was challenged to pick up on current fashion trends from the catwalks and the high street. As always, budgeting was a key part of this blog, and so I was sent out to try and find similar examples of the current trends for bargain prices at charity shops.

This challenge was particularly fun for me, as there are so many charity shops in Nottingham. A lot of people my age turn their noses up at the sound of ‘charity shops’, and admittedly, so did I. However, I found some wonderful pieces on offer, including fantastic items from high street favourites New Look, H&M and Next, River Island, as well as a number of quirky vintage pieces.

Fashion runs on a constant loop, with trends from the past returning every few years to make a new statement. With this in mind, I advise anyone who thinks charity shops are only for ‘unfashionable’ people, to look again and to explore the brilliantly random items on offer, for amazingly cheap prices!

For the blog, I focused on three trends and broke them into Formalwear, Casualwear and Accessories for Autumn/Winter 11/12. My first find was this gorgeous cream matt-sequin dress from H&M, which was on offer at Marie Curie for £4.99, down from the original price on the label of £19.99 … a £15.00 saving for an on-trend party-wear item!

My second find was this vintage black and cream waist blazer (with shoulder pads), the pattern of which I thought resembled the twenties tweed revival trend that has been influenced by shows such as Downton Abbey. This casualwear item was a remarkable £2.99 at Cancer Research.

My final find was this New Look mini tote bag (in tan) priced at just £3.99, down from 15.99… a £12.00 saving at Oxfam. This little bag has to be my favourite; it is big enough to hold my essential items (keys, phone, purse, Vaseline), but not too big to irritate me by banging into clothes rails and other peoples’ arms when I go shopping!

Despite the great savings, the best part about this challenge was the fantastic feeling of knowing that the money I was spending was going to three different and worthy charities. I highly recommend that everyone give charity shops a chance … like me, you might surprise yourself.

Beckie x


Tuesday, 7th February 2012

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