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Incahoot promotes savings to bloggers
Incahoot promotes savings to bloggers
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Money saving – it’s time to get Incahoot!

It’s been a busy time lately. All the joys of getting the kids back to school, budgeting for new school uniform – M&S sale in case you’re interested, where I got loads of back up uniform for less that £20, a thrifty job well done – finding the PE kits and generally getting back into the old routine.

The house sale appears to be progressing nicely (I hope that’s not the kiss of death) and I’m thinking of buying another at some point soon. I’ve taken lots of advice on the subject and I’m thinking I’ll wait to the new year, allow the dust to settle and see what there is then. I want a nice and easy, chain free purchase!

In other news I attended a blogger round table this week with Incahoot . If you’re not already familiar with Incahoot it might be because they’ve not been around for long. And if, like me, you’re naturally suspicious of money-saving sites then this might be the one for you.

The basic premise behind Incahoot is that through the power of group buying, large savings can be made. So the idea is that you join Incahoot – it’s free! – and you can then tap into their relationships with telecoms providers such as mobile phones and broadband, insurance providers and home maintenance and energy suppliers.

They’ve been running since January and already have a membership of 20,000 which is small when you compare it to the huge sites out there, but if they’re getting the kind of deals they’re getting with that kind of membership then just imagine what they can do when they go past the 1m mark!

Most important to me is the trust factor. As I said, I’m naturally cynical of anyone who claims to be able to save me money, but I genuinely liked the people at Incahoot and that makes a big difference. Add to that the fact that you can use their online savings calculator for a quick and easy check on what savings you could make and it all starts to look like a no brainer.

They claim that they can save you up to £1400 a year – even half of that is a significant saving on the average home budget so it’s well worth looking at. If you’re as bored as I am with Eastenders, I suggest you spend that half an hour tonight taking a look through this site instead. I’d bet that you’ll feel better for it!

Friday, 7th October 2011

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