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A day in the life ofâ?¦.
A day in the life ofâ?¦.
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A day in the life of….

Today, as I juggled cleaning the house, getting school uniform ready for the morning, locating lost homework, completing lost homework, emergency washing the uniform I’d forgotten about and generally pulling my hair out, I wondered if the likes of Gwyneth Palthrow or Katie Holmes ever have to worry about this kind of thing?

It’s hard to imagine how my weekly budget might compare to theirs, but let’s have a think how their average day might pan out*.

Monday 6am: Gwyneth is hard at it with her celebrity personal trainer – cost per hour, approx. £100. I am fast asleep dreaming of the day I see my thigh muscles again – cost per hour £0

8am: Gwyneth, now toned, lithe and possibly a little bit smug will be needing some sustenance. I doubt she’ll be picking up a Frappuccino and a Danish pastry but she just might go for a low fat smoothie and some Acai berries. Approx. cost - £8. Meanwhile I’m gunning for a homemade green tea and peanut butter on toast. Approx. cost £0.50

Lunchtime: Gwyneth is busy rehearsing for the next season of Glee while her personal chef busies themself in the kitchen preparing brown rice and vegetables. Approximate cost: £2.00 for lunch, £20K for live in cook. I’m going to have another slice of peanut butter on toast – 50p

Dinner: Gwyneth is skipping dinner, not an unusual occurrence but justified today as she’s got to get her highlights done. Approximate cost £400. Coincidentally I’ve arranged to pop round to have mine done too. Cost £20. Dinner for me is a 3 egg omelette (£2) and I make a roast for the kids £9.

Supper: Gwyneth waves off the nanny (£25K) and the cook and settles down to a night in front of the telly with Chris. She might nibble on a sugar snap pea or two £2. I’ve got a monster bag of bacon crisps and a can of coke that I scraped my last bits of cash together to afford - £1.40

Well as comparisons go I think Gywneth might have just pipped me in the big budget stakes. But, and this is the million dollar question, who’s happiest? Hmmm, I think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we?

*Allegedly – I haven’t asked her, this is in all likelihood a complete fabrication.
A day in the life of….

Tuesday, 5th July 2011

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