Beware - and resist - Creeping Limitations on Cash Use

Posted on: 26/03/2017

A few weeks ago,the European Commission issued a document asking anyone interested to comment on whether the European Union needs a 28 nation policy on restricting cash use.

The document itself has all the decisiveness of Sergeant Wilson from Dads Army; "Do you mind awfully?Would it be advisable?Really,would it be ok with you, if..." BUT do not be fooled by the sugary language.

There is deadly intent amidst the mist of equivocation.

Even more recently, the Singapore Central Bank has announced limitations on the use of coins to make payments.

All this, after a 2016 during which the European Central Bank announced an end to the printing of the 500 Euro bank note.

The signal is clear. The "Authorities" are against cash.

Many reasons are put forward for this standpoint.


Terrorism is funded by cash.

Cash allows people to evade taxation.

Criminals pursue cash like hounds do a hare.

Drug dealers do their business in cash.

And so on....

Of course, these are all phony reasons.

Terrorism will not disappear if cash disappears. The lunatic fringe will always find the resources they need to fund their murders. Fanaticism these days breeds in cyberspace, before emerging to scar the real world.

The biggest tax evaders are corporations, in all shapes and forms. They now conduct most of their business digitally, not via hard cash.

Criminals pursue easy wealth. Cash is simply one amongst many of their targets.

Drugs are the dangerous playthings of addicts. They must feed their addictions. They move to whichever payment method best fits their needs. Cash has no special place in their affections.

Discount all other reasons. The real reason is that "Authorities" want rid of cash so that they can exercise total control over their minions.

All non-cash payment methods can be switched off at the whim of the those who have power over us. Governments, pulling the strings which manipulate Central Banks.

Is there a Government in the World that YOU would trust with such control?


So do not sit idly by and yet restrictions on cash use be introduced by those who seek to be the puppeteers of our planet.

Without cash, freedom, independence, choice and privacy would be lost. FOREVER.

Resist this threat with every fibre of your being. 

You will find many others at your side.

Together, we will win.


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