Banking On Success

Posted on: 08/04/2014

Some people have had bad experiences in their dealings with UK banks in recent years.Then again,many millions of bank customers have had nothing at all to complain about.They have been quietly content with the service they have received.

Complaints are noisy -especally when the media take an interest -whereas satisfaction is normally very quiet.When did you ever see a headline " Millions Happy- No Story To Follow"?

There are hundreds of thousand of bank workers and their Kith & Kin who depend directly on their employment to make ends meet.However,the entire UK Public -you & me - are almost equally dependent on those self-same banks.Financial Services is a vital part of the UK economy.We all need strong,successful banks if we are collectively,as a nation,to do well.

The time has long passed when we could all afford to jump on the "bankwagon", slaughtering banks and bankers for every move they made.

We must all end the "blame game".It's now vital that we give our unified support to our banks.They need both our respect and our business - and we certainly need the economic growth that a successful UK banking sector can help to build, for all of us.

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