ATM Innovation - Why NIMBY ?

Posted on: 27/09/2014

Emirates NBD Bank has just upgraded the software on their ATMs to allow customers to purchase shares.

In Spain, Portugal and Italy, ATM users can carry out up to 70 transactions, including buying tickets for football matches and paying taxes.( The latter facility is apparently used in some countries more than others).

La Caixa Bank, despite already having some of the most sophisticated ATMs on the planet, has announced a multi-million Euro investment programme over the next decade, to further enhance the service their ATMs provide to  bank customers.

In other countries, the picture is less exciting - and much less innovative. 

The European Commission needs to address this issue, as do Payment System Regulators in each European market. 

ATMs are the most important customer touch point for the majority of those with bank accounts. Existing ATM  technology has the potential to deliver much more than is currently on offer in many countries. The public everywhere need to see that potential realised.



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