A Return To Competitive Sports In Primary Schools

Posted on: 16/08/2012

I am delighted that the Government has signalled its intention to bring back competitive sports into primary schools.

Human life is about competition.  To pretend otherwise is to put at risk the creation of a school curriculum which prepares children properly for the real World.

Matthew Paris, the former MP who writes for the Times, would disagree.  In a recent article, he referred to his awful memories of school sports and how those experiences had tainted his enjoyment of sports in his adult life.

All the views of Matthew Paris tells me is that he wasn't much good at sport!

Clearly, there will always be those who are not able to do well at sports, for whatever reason, physical or psychological.  However, in my experience, the majority of people , young and old, enjoy competing at sports.  They must be allowed to do so from the earliest possible age.

In many ways, life is about learning to win and lose.  In fact, learning how to deal with defeat is the most valuable lesson anyone could ever have.

One final thought on Matthew Paris.

In the same column in which he rubbished the idea of competitive sports in primary schools, he also contended that the London Olympic Games were a big party that the UK couldn't afford.

Matthew's views on the Olympics are probably coloured by his jaundiced attitude to competitive sport.  However, such tripe cannot go unchallenged.

The fact is the UK desperately needed the Olympics to get the country thinking positively again.  The dismal - and failing - austerity programme imposed by the Government has undermined the confidence of our nation.  The Olympics, in two short weeks, have repaired that damage.

The Olympics not affordable?  Rubbish!  The price of not holding them would have been much higher i.e. a country still racked by Government-induced self-doubt.

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