A Busy Life

Posted on: 07/06/2013

I have been speaking at a conference this week (and again next week!).

At this weeks' conference, I bumped into a number of people I know.  Several asked me what I was working on.

The answer: a lot!

Apart from speaking at conferences, I am very busy currently in my roles at the ATM Industry Association.  Those roles, which include being Vice President, are very interesting.  I am looking forward to becoming President in 2015, which will be a fitting climax to my work in the Association.

In the meantime, as well as negotiating to buy into several businesses, I am heavily involved in the counter attack on Visa's infamous war on cash.  That will be a focus of mine up until at least the end of 2014.  By that time, Visa will I am sure have lost the phoney war they are mounting currently and cash will be more popular than ever!

In 2015 I expect to go back in the financial services sector I have recently temporarily left.  Like Sir Alex Ferguson, I have the ability to create new teams and my 2015 vintage will either carry out a Management Buy In or negotiate a deal to take over elements of the cash delivery channels of a bank.

I expect there to be several good opportunities in my chosen sector in 2015.  For example, Private Equity investors eager for an exit are sure to give excellent terms to a superb incoming management team.

2015 should see the full return of RBS and Lloyds Bank, two great British institutions, to private ownership. This may also coincide with a new UK Government, with a policy of favouring British ownership of British enterprises.  This may start with utilities and spread to other sectors.

So that is my programme for the next couple of years.  Retirement is not on the agenda!  I retain the same energy, enthusiasm and excellent fitness I have had all of my working life.

Roll on 2014 and more especially 2015!  I can't wait for the challenges - and the victories!

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