65 Not Out

Posted on: 22/10/2012

I am delighted that it has now been recognised that those of a certain age still have much to offer.

Clearly, the main reason the Government has removed automatic retirement is undoubtedly to save money in the shape of reduced State Pension outgoings.

However, a useful by-product of the financial imperative is that those of 65 can no longer be thrown on the scrapheap. If they want to work on, still contributing to the UK's GDP, they now have an absolute right to do so.

For many, retirement has not been a rosy prospect. Pension provision is often very poor and, just as important, when the energy previously given to working no longer has an outlet, early death has often swiftly followed retirement.

Life expectancy in the UK is now around 80 years. If those years can be work-filled and happy that is a far better outcome than a short retirement followed by a rapid trip to the Undertaker.

I fully expect to live until I am hundred years old. I am looking forward to working until I receive my telegram from the Monarch (though by that stage it will probably be sent as an HRH Tweet rather than in paper form)

Roll on my second century of hard work!

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